Your Input is Requested – Meeting the Needs of Trauma Survivors in DeKalb County

Sixty-six percent of the general population has been traumatized at some point. Eighty percent of workers feel stressed on the job. When you combine a traumatic experience and stress, the risk for adverse workplace behaviors can be high.  It is estimated that 1 million workers are absent each day due to stress, and the number of employees calling in sick due to stress-related symptoms is on the rise. Traumatized workers are compromised in their ability to learn, think, manage change, and relate to others. They are more likely to have mental and physical health problems, including depression and substance abuse, two of the costliest health problems in the workplace today.


A Planning Committee is leading the effort to analyze the needs of trauma survivors in DeKalb County.  The planning process allows us to plan for and design a community-based center with coordinated, integrated and co-located services to support the entire County with concentrated focus on serving the under-served populations in the City of DeKalb.


The purpose of these surveys is to obtain a wide range of opinions from various stakeholders regarding the available resources for trauma survivors in DeKalb County and needs of trauma survivors that ought to be addressed.


  1. Trauma Survivor Survey:  As a part of the Needs and Gaps assessment we would like to hear more from the residents in DeKalb County that have experienced trauma and received various services. This information is completely confidential and will be used to improve how services are provided in DeKalb County to individuals who have experienced trauma and explore the possibility of developing a community-based center for people who have experienced trauma that would house multiple service agencies.  The survey is offered in both Spanish and English.

  1. Businesses/Stakeholder Survey:  If any staff at your company have not received a link to complete this survey please ask them to do so.


Please share it far and wide with employees, partners and customers. Please have them respond by Friday July 3rd at the latest.

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