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Dear Friend,

At DeKalb County Youth Service Bureau (YSB), we help a variety of youth and their families who are dealing with difficult life circumstances like the boy in the story.

We are writing you today to ask for your support. Thanks to the help of people like you who care, YSB was able to provide services to nearly 1,500 people last year. The need for services continues to grow. The majority of these families were at or below the poverty line.  YSB provides reduced-cost services to DeKalb County residents which means more people have access to the help they need.

Inspiring Story A couple months ago, one of our therapists had the great pleasure of being reunited with a teenage boy she helped five years ago. He came into our office unexpectedly to say hi. His story is inspiring. He grew up in a gang-affiliated family, lost both of his parents in crime related deaths when he was young, was raised in foster care, and was forced by his family to participate in gang activities against his will. He suffered from depression and anxiety throughout his life. He came to YSB for some much needed help. Now he is enrolled in college, the first in his family to do so. He is inspired to work with teens that experience difficult life circumstances as he did. For this kid and many others, YSB can be a turning point in their life. It’s a place to feel consistent support and stability as they navigate their way through the challenges of life.

Our Role

YSB specializes in helping youth and their families.  Our services are geared toward providing early identification of underlying issues that cause behavioral problems and emotional distress that can lead to greater risk. YSB provides an array of services including individual and family counseling, therapeutic/educational groups, and specialty services such as crisis intervention for runaway youth and alternative to suspension programming.

We Need Your Help

It’s vital to get youth the help they need as early as possible.  The better we do this, the greater the impact on the child’s education, family life, and our community as a whole.

Your donation is fully tax-deductible and stays local.   YSB is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization serving DeKalb County.  We are looking forward to hearing from you and thank you again for your generosity.


Cydney Wessel – Executive Director

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