What are your fees?
YSB offers services on a sliding fee basis. Our rate is $75 per session; however fees can be adjusted based on gross family income. When you call to set up session, the office staff will determine your sliding fee rate.

  • Court Ordered Counseling Assessment (3 sessions) – $75
  • Drug & Alcohol Assessment (1 – 2 session assessment & 8 week group) – $75
  • Youth Project Assessment (90 minute assessment for META or GEG & 10 week group) – $75
  • Active Parenting of Teens (Orientation, book, 6 week group) – $75
  • Urine Screen – $20

Do you accept insurance/medical card?
We do not accept insurance or the medical card. Our services are supported through grants, donations, and fundraising as a way to assist families who may not be able to afford insurance or services elsewhere.  Please contact our office manager for details.

What are your hours?
We have office hours by appointment Monday through Friday, including evenings.  An office manager is available Monday through Friday 8 am to 4 pm (excluding 12-1pm for lunch).

How do I know if counseling is right for me and my family?
Most  people find counseling to be helpful. Counseling provides a safe place to talk about difficulties with someone that has experience and education related to working with youth. It can help you identify and treat mental health issues. It also will add some clarity when making tough decisions.

Unfortunately, many youth expect that their counselor will be yet another authority figure in their life telling them what they’re doing is wrong. It’s important for youth to trust us. Our counselors are skilled at being able to engage youth into the therapeutic process which dramatically increases the success rate for counseling.

Most of our services are preventative in nature, meaning that our intent is to provide early detection and identification of underlying issues that contribute to the presenting issues (ie: fighting, depression, substance abuse, etc).

The bottom line…the earlier you get help, the better.

Do you prescribe medications?
No. If it becomes necessary to consider medication we can recommend a psychiatrist and will coordinate our services with that person.

What about my privacy?
We respect client confidentiality and adhere to current Illinois law regarding privacy and confidentiality. Our therapists are bound by a code of ethics that limits the disclosure of any information to any outside person or entity without your express written consent. The limits of confidentiality are detailed on a form you will receive at your first appointment. If you have questions about this issue, feel free to discuss it with your therapist at any time.  We may ask you for permission to disclose information to provide, coordinate, or manage your care, including sharing information with others that we are consulting with or referring you to.