For Youth

Unfortunately, many youth expect that their counselor will be just another authority figure in their life telling them what they’re doing is wrong. This is not true. Youth need to know counseling can help and doesn’t have to be a big deal. Counseling provides a safe place to talk about difficulties with someone that has experience, education, and cares. It can help you make sense out of difficult issues and it also will add some clarity when making tough decisions.

Still not convinced? Give us call – no pressure, no commitment, and you can stay anonymous. You’ll have the opportunity to speak with a counselor that can give some direction and help you decide if counseling is right for you.

Below are several links you may find helpful. For guidance regarding any treatment or medication recommendation listed in these resources, please consult with a mental health professional or your physician.

Helpful Websites

      • National Runaway Safeline —
      • General Help –
      • Bullying –
      • Kid Safety –
      • Anorexia –
      • Foundation for a Drug Free World —
      • College Help for Homeless Students –