YSB provides a diverse array of experiences for interns. We have different specialized groups where interns can learn more about these populations, while also fostering growth through intense supervision and hands on experience.

The kinds of experience we provide to our interns is both administrative and clinical. We offer both graduate and undergraduate level internships working within:

Individual and family therapy

Specialized groups:
• Girls’ Empowerment,
• META (Anger Management)
• Early Drug/Alcohol Intervention
• Alternative to Suspension Group
• Active Parenting of Teens Classes

Additional programs:
• Diversion Program directed to first time offenders
• Crisis Intervention group where someone is on call 24/7
(This is a great way for interns to get experience with crisis while learning how to effectively think on their feet. Interns would be working with a staff member, always under supervision)
• Volunteer group for youth

YSB is a great place to gain hands on experience working with youth and families in the community. It will definitely help give interns a head start upon graduating due the unique experiences gained while interning at YSB. Something we are proud of is our weekly supervision, providing the support and continued growth and learning through people in the trenches. With this, we try to hire interns when possible.

We don’t require any additional training, but encourage our interns to become involved in opportunities in the community which includes participation in committees with staff members, and attending trainings when available.

Due to budgetary constraints, our interns are un-paid, but we greatly appreciate the work they provide! We do reimburse for mileage when transportation is required, such as on a crisis call or when administering groups in the community.

For more information, please read the internship descriptions:


Graduate Student Therapist Internship Description