Youth & Family Counseling (YFC) therapist-client Youth & Family Counseling offers individual and family counseling to youth aged 8-18 and their families. YFC is designed to address the specific needs of those experiencing difficult situations in their lives. In addition, youth can be referred for a comprehensive assessment to determine if additional services are needed.

“Our family had a wonderful experience. Our counselor was positive, supportive and flexible. Our child got a lot out of the counseling she received.” — Parent
Girls Empowerment Group (GEG) 407614_1553

The Girls Empowerment Group encourages girls to seek and celebrate their “true selves” by giving them a safe space, encouragement, structure and support to embrace their important journey of self discovery. A strength based approach helps girls identify and apply their power and voice as individuals and as a group focusing on issues that are important in the lives of adolescent girls. Topics include learning about self, connecting with others, exploring healthy living and planning for the future. The aim of the program is to provide education and supportive counseling geared toward the specific needs of adolescent girls.

“They (group leaders) really know the teenage mind. They know what we are going through. They don’t single anyone out, don’t yell, don’t present anything in a rude way. Now I realize how lucky I am. They have helped me get back on my feet. I see life differently.” – Youth, 14 years old.

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The VolunTEEN program provides DeKalb County youth ages 12-18 with ongoing, organized opportunities to volunteer in their community while enhancing their civic awareness. YSB will provide coordination of volunteer experiences, collaboration with other community organizations, and supervision of the youth that are volunteering.

“Throughout the time I’ve been here and the things I’ve done to help, I’ve learned even the little things you do can mean so much and help so many people. It made me realize that even though my community is big, everything I do means something. This experience has changed my mind about volunteer work; it makes you feel better about yourself.” Youth, 13 years old.
Active Parenting of Teens (APOT) and Crossroads of Parenting and Divorce


APOT is a six-session skills-building workshop for parents of teens. The video-based workshop is designed to help parents learn how to more effectively communicate with their teens in ways which foster responsibility, successful conflict resolution and self-esteem.

Crossroads of Parenting & Divorce is a five-step seminar designed to prevent behaviors that divorcing parent’s fall into out of anger or bitterness. These feelings and behaviors can cause parents to lose sight of children’s needs. This video-based seminar will help parents become aware of how their actions may inadvertently harm their children, show how to establish positive post-divorce co-parenting relationships, and provide them with the skills needed to stay child-focused while minimizing poor choices amidst conflict and loss. Want to learn more? Click Crossroads of Divorce Brochure

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“Thank you very much for all the tips. It has been very encouraging to hear suggestions and other parent’s points of view.” – Parent.
Alternative to Suspension Program (ASP)


Alternative to Suspension is for students from 6th-12th grade, to act as a gateway to mental health services for at-risk youth who are required to serve out-of-school suspension. While enrolled in the program, youth will receive a comprehensive mental health screening to determine potential risk factors that contributed to the youth being suspended. Clinicians will then make appropriate recommendations to inter-agency mental health programs to address aforementioned risk factors. In addition, if youth are screened and assessed and appear to be in need of a higher level of care, referrals to and coordination with outside providers will be completed by program coordinator. During the youth’s time at the agency, the program coordinator will work with the youth to provide opportunities to maintain their academic credit and offer skill-building (40 developmental assets) to aid in better decision-making and overall healthier state of mental well-being.

“This is a wonderful program…I think having students come here is great. I have a feeling that homework doesn’t get done otherwise during suspension. I also love that my child is doing community service. I would recommend this program to family or friends.” – Parent.

“I noticed a significant improvement with how the student behaves at school as far as appropriate interactions with peers and teachers. We are very grateful to have had this program as an option.” ­– School Social Worker.
Crisis Intervention Program


Crisis Intervention assists families when a youth is refusing to return home, has run away from home, or during a lock-out crisis situation by providing immediate intervention 24 hours a day as well as follow-up counseling. Referrals for this program generally come from police stations in DeKalb County when families are unable to reach a solution in which everyone feels safe and understood. Families who qualify for this program will receive four free sessions of counseling. The goal for services through this program is to keep families together and to prevent DCFS and/or court involvement through counseling.

“YSB has helped my family so much with confidence, self-esteem, and understanding one another.”—following a runaway situation and 4 free counseling sessions –parent
DeKalb County Youth Project (DCYP)


Youth Project is geared toward youth between the ages of 11 and 18. The program was developed for the purpose of equipping youth with the skills to identify, manage, and appropriately express anger and other intense emotions, in order to prevent aggressive and abusive tendencies, promote pro-social skills, improve anger control, and reduce the frequency of acting out behaviors. Youth can be referred for counseling or META (Managing Emotions, Thoughts, & Actions), an educational group that focus on three components: Anger Control (the Emotional component), Moral Reasoning (the Thoughts component), and Social Skills (the Actions component).

“This group helped me to respect other people’s perspectives and feelings, which will help me build better relationships.” – Youth, 17 years old
Alcohol / Drug Early Intervention Programs (EIP) 198469_have_a_drink_1

Early Intervention is designed to educate teens about alcohol, drug, and other substance related issues. A two-session screening assessment is used to gather drug/alcohol history and make recommendations for services. This program uses group education to provide accurate information regarding alcohol/drug use and exploration of the decision-making process involved in making healthy choices. It also offers process groups in our DeKalb County schools. “I now realize how much trouble I can get into if I just go along with the crowd. I have never gotten in any kind of trouble before. I want to go to college and am involved in sports. My parents were really disappointed when they got a call from the police. I will never put myself in that situation again. This class has taught me to think before I act and to consider the consequences. I am glad I got caught the first time.” Youth, 16 years old.
Juvenile Diversion And Early Risk Assessment (ERAP) 952313_gavel

ERAP is a voluntary program ran through Juvenile Court Services. It is designed for first time offenders, to divert them from entering the court system and/or to improve their attendance in school. As part of this program, the youth will complete an assessment that determines their level of risk. Juvenile diversion is a program for youth who are first time offenders in the Juvenile Court System in lieu of legal ramifications. This program assists youth by linking them with comprehensive services, which can include counseling, assessments, and community service. Youth must be referred by the DeKalb County State’s Attorney’s Office. To help save time at your first appointment if referred to the Diversion program, you can fill out the necessary paperwork prior to your scheduled meeting. Please complete the Intake Packet.
Therapeutic Art-Making Group (TAG) TAG is an open group, dedicated to creative expression. The purpose of this group is to teach youth the basics of art, provide them with materials, and how to explore those materials and create using their emotions or stories and ability to visually depict those. Projects are shared with the group, as a way of reflecting and processing. The youth involved have the opportunity to plan, create and evaluate (utilizing interpersonal, consequential, problem-solving and goal-setting skills). ??????????????