Volunteer Opportunities

YSB needs a variety of volunteers with a variety of backgrounds.  The number one requirement of volunteers is enthusiasm for the cause.  If you enjoy working in an environment dedicated to assisting youth, we have a volunteer position for you.  Due to the sensitive nature of working with youth, there are limited direct service volunteer options available.

Some Volunteer Projects are:

  1. Research & Program Evaluation –Follow up calls to prior clients are an important part of program evaluation.  Having volunteers perform these follow ups increases the honesty of the client. This project requires basic computer skills, attention to detail, and interest in program evaluation.  Research into program development is a common task.  This project takes place at YSB.
  2. Fundraising/Marketing – As a not for profit agency, funds are generally spent on direct client care, leaving little money for marketing and fundraising.  Volunteers are needed to participate on the YSB fundraising subcommittee and to develop marketing materials and events.  This project requires interest in marketing, public relations, event planning and program management.  This project can be done at YSB or outside of the agency.
  3. Special Events – YSB conducts two annual Bike Auctions and the Royal Children’s Ball as fundraising special events.  The first auction occurs in late May and the second auction occurs in August in conjunction with DeKalb’s Cornfest celebration. The Children’s Ball is in early March. Volunteers are needed at various times for set up, clean up and repair bicycles and participate in the special event.  Special event planning interest is a plus!
  4. Youth Advisory Council – This opportunity is a way to create a new program at YSB.  The agency is looking for a unique way to engage youth in program planning, evaluation and marketing by creating an YSB youth advisory council.  This project will require program development skills.
  5. Other projects as needed or developed.

For more information regarding YSB Volunteering contact J.J. Wett, Clinical Director at 815-748-2010.