We appreciate any in-kind donations of supplies or materials that we can use in our programs. By donating supplies, you allow our funding to stay focused on the youth.

Office Supplies

  1. White computer paper
  2. Pens – blue or black ink
  3. Markers (non-skinny)
  4. Plastic pencil cases
  5. Mailing envelopes—the size where you do not have to fold the paper
  6. Dry erase board cleaner
  7. Dry erase markers
  8. Manila file folders
  9. Legal pads
  10. Pencil sharpeners manual
  11. Hand sanitizer
  12. Forever stamps
  13. Disposable cups, plates, utensils
  14. Cleaning supplies
    • Glass cleaner
    • disinfectant
    • sponges
    • toilet brushes
    • air fresheners
    • a good mop
    • general cleaning supplies

Counseling Supplies

  1. Candy – We use this as incentives and rewards for group participation.  These can be suckers, chocolate, bags of candy, mints, etc.  Options are great because it gives participants a choice.
  2. Food Items – Homeless youth or individuals participating in our suspension program sometimes need a meal.  Non-perishables like Easy Mac, Handi-Snacks, granola bars, or other items that are “quick and easy” are helpful to have on hand.  Also, different types of juice/drinks are helpful as well.
  3. Journals – Some of our counseling groups use journals for part of the curriculum (i.e. girls’ empowerment, keeping track of feelings).  Similar styles are appreciated but not necessary.
  4. Gift Cards – Specific denomination or left over gift cards are always appreciated!  These can be for local fast-food restaurants (i.e. McDonalds, Burger King, Little Caesar’s, Pizza Hut, etc) or for local area businesses (i.e. Walmart, Borders, Target, etc).  These are used to purchase food for homeless youth, needed supplies at local stores, or for the mentoring program or as incentives for groups)
  5. Composition Books – These are helpful too for counseling groups and individuals in therapy, an alternative to the more expensive journals
  6. Fun Pens – We use these for prizes/incentives and for group completion as well

Homeless Youth Supplies

YSB has a Crisis Intervention program for youth ages 11-17 within the county who either runaway, refuse to go home, or are locked out of their home.  In addition, some youth in the county come to YSB as anonymous youth in need of supplies when homeless or “couch surfing” due to home-life situations.  The following supplies are needed to help fill backpacks with essential supplies for homeless youth or those who are unable to be at home for a periods of time.

  • Tooth brushes & toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Deodorant
  • Chapstick
  • Travel sized blankets
  • Feminine hygiene products

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